Monday, May 14, 2012

11 more days

We close in 11 days!!! I'm excited and stressed out all at the same time. We've been trying to pack what we can but I'm finding so much stuff that I "might" use before we leave. Soo packing is going slowly. At this point pretty much everything is done with the house. They still have to lay carpet but everything else is in. It's really come together. We ordered the fridge and washer dryer to be delivered the saturday after we get our keys. We have to be out of the current house by May 31st so we're really trying to pack everything in quickly. We've been trying to visit the house at least once a week so we can make sure everything is going smoothly. This week we went twice. On Wed we went and everything looked really nice. We went again Sunday and suddenly there were scuffs all over the walls. Nothing else had changed though so we thought that was strange. My finace thinks they went and scuffed all the walls so it would look like there was more to do lol. I've been bad about posting pics so I'm going to start from framing.

 Master Bedroom

Fiance's next job as Santa Claus. :)

 Back of house.Autumn Beige Siding.
 Dining room. Kids were helping me measure the fridge spot
 Fireplace. Love it!!
 Kitchen. Maple Cognac cabinets with butterum granite counter
 My office
 Kids bathroom
 My son in his closet
 floor in master bath

The loft.


  1. Thanks for the pics! We are building a Naples too. There aren't many Naples blogs so it's nice to see!

    1. Congrats!! I agree I couldnt find any blogs that went from start to finish on a Naples so we wernt sure what to expect. We closed yesterday so I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible :)