Monday, May 14, 2012

11 more days

We close in 11 days!!! I'm excited and stressed out all at the same time. We've been trying to pack what we can but I'm finding so much stuff that I "might" use before we leave. Soo packing is going slowly. At this point pretty much everything is done with the house. They still have to lay carpet but everything else is in. It's really come together. We ordered the fridge and washer dryer to be delivered the saturday after we get our keys. We have to be out of the current house by May 31st so we're really trying to pack everything in quickly. We've been trying to visit the house at least once a week so we can make sure everything is going smoothly. This week we went twice. On Wed we went and everything looked really nice. We went again Sunday and suddenly there were scuffs all over the walls. Nothing else had changed though so we thought that was strange. My finace thinks they went and scuffed all the walls so it would look like there was more to do lol. I've been bad about posting pics so I'm going to start from framing.

 Master Bedroom

Fiance's next job as Santa Claus. :)

 Back of house.Autumn Beige Siding.
 Dining room. Kids were helping me measure the fridge spot
 Fireplace. Love it!!
 Kitchen. Maple Cognac cabinets with butterum granite counter
 My office
 Kids bathroom
 My son in his closet
 floor in master bath

The loft.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Busy

I can't believe how quickly the time has gotten away from me. I feel like we just started the framing and now the framing is done, the house is sided and bricked (for lack of a better word). We chose the Autumn Beige siding and you can imagine my horror as a a week ago i started reading the blogs on how it looked pink on other people houses. We talked the PM about it before they put it up and he said he hadnt heard anything. Well the siding is up now and while I can see how people could see some pink hues to it, I really don't hate it. So glad that worked out. Then I stopped by the house for a guradian meeting and saw they had begun putting the brick up. My only thought? I HATE THE BRICK. It just looked aweful and all the darker bricks were put together so I felt like I had a dalmation house. I came home and kicked and screamed like one of the kids and told my fiance I'm not moving into the house while it looks like that. He of course said it looked fine but reluctently called the PM to complain. The PM said that he thought it looked good and thats how the brick usually turns out. So I kicked and screamed some more. I was SO MAD!! So they said that wait till the siding is up and once the mortar dries and we'll talk about it at pre drywall. So the old fiance drives out to the house after it's sided to take a picture for me. He called and said he thinks it looks good. So he emailed me a pictures and again i really dont hate it. I will post a pic and welcome other peoples thoughts. I havnt seen the house in person since its been sided but I will go tommorrow for predrywall and decide then. Just wanted to see if I was being irrational :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A hole lot of fun

WOW so much has gotten done already. We went on St patricks day to see our hole. :) IT WAS HUGE!!!! I cannont believe how big it was. When we pulled up there were two neighbor boys taking the dirt from our site to go plants trees. We talked with them for a while and they seemed really nice. Meanwhile, The kids were so excited and running all around and of course I was waiting for one of them to fall right in that gigantic hole. They each decided they wanted to take a rock from the front so they could have it as a memory. It was fun. Then we drove through to meet some of the neighbors. There are so many kids!! My daughter is so excited to make new friends. I cant wait. Then we got an email from our PM last week saying the foundation was poured. :) aaannnnd today? We have framing. YAY!!! We got a picture early this morning when they began and by 230 this afternoon the first floor was done. I cannot believe how fast they work. Its starting to look like a house. OK its getting real now. In other news we seem to have found a renter for our other house, So ready to be done with that process.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pre construction

We had our preconstruction meeting. Finally got to meet our PM. He seems like a nice guy so I hope he will be easy to work with. We went through all of our selections again. The only thing that I wish I would have thought of was that we needed one more light rough in. I didnt even consider the morning room!! Too late to add that in now so we pulled the rough in we were going to put into the loft and figure we can always pull the wiring down through the ceiling later on if we need to. Oops. Other than that everything seemed to be right. We went over the blueprints which I must admit are the most confusing things ever. He also told us that our water would run in through a corner so he would have to build a closet in the basement in that area. I was really excited about that but I think he thought I was crazy. When we went to visit the model they had that little closet. Although it serves no purpose it just adds something extra to the room. :) They didnt have our yard staked out yet but he said it should be done soon so untill then we will wait for that phone call.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

We signed the contact!

AHHHHHH. We signed a purchase agreement with Ryan.. I'm both nervous and excited. We love the area our community is in and the school district is Excellent with distinction. That and we're really close to lots of shopping which is a major plus. We chose the Naples since it had everything we really wanted. A home office for me, a loft upstairs for the kids, a large basement, a huge storage area and a bedroom for each of the kids. We're looking to be finished May 30th. Seems so close. Here's a list of our upgrades

Maple Cognac cabinets
Fireplace in family room
morning room
study instead of living room
upgraded master bath
finished basement
powder room in basement

We decided on hardwood through the hall kitchen and morning room. We also upgraded the carpet and pad throughout. It just seemed to make sense rather then be replacing carpet in 2 years since I have 2 boys and I'm sure they will destroy it.

From gurdian we chose the central vac and the music system. He went through his whole presentation on the security system but we decided against it. He questioned as to why we didnt want it. I told him we have a gigantic mastiff who eats people at home. It cost enough to feed her I dont need more security. So he let it go :)

I'm getting so excited looking at blogs and pictures. Cant wait for the house to be done!!!!!